ANNUAL Community Festival

Celebrating Africa, Culture, Community, and Family since 2010

Bring on the Sunshine (BOTS) proudly presents its Annual Family Day African Festival, a flagship event celebrating African heritage, culture, and contributions. Hosted during Black History Month, this immersive cultural experience engages the wider Waterloo region through music, food, art, dance, workshops, and more. Offering a unique platform to showcase the rich diversity of over 50 African countries. By bringing people together, we aim to create a sense of unity, understanding, and shared identity, contributing to the overarching goal of connectedness within the community.

Bring on the Sunshine’s
Annual African Festival 2024

“Black Renaissance”

Discover- Connect – Sustain

Join us for “Black Renaissance” at Bring on the Sunshine’s (BOTS) Annual African Festival! We invite you to Discover, Connect, and Sustain African heritage.

Featuring delicious culinary offerings, artisanal crafts, live performances, engaging workshops, kid’s activities, and much more!

Don’t miss this immersive celebration designed to unite communities and honor the richness of African Cultures and contributions.

Sunday, February 18th, 2024

11:00 am

Sponsor the Festival

We are actively seeking partners who share our commitment to community empowerment and cultural enrichment. By becoming a sponsor, you not only contribute to the success of this remarkable event but also gain exposure to a wide demographic. Explore our sponsorship tiers.

Past Festivals


Bring on the Sunshine hosted its first in-person event since COVID-19 and invited you to participate in a gathering whose theme was “Rest is Resistance.”

In the transformative year of 2023, a vibrant and committed team orchestrated an unforgettable event with a mission to cultivate collective care, celebration, and community reconnection. Through the highs and lows of significant life events, the team not only navigated their journey but stood as pillars of support for the community, inviting all to participate and share their aspirations for the future of BOTS.

This year’s experience, from a dazzling fashion show to the rhythmic beats of a popular drum circle, unfolded as a testament to the team’s dedication, creating shared moments that resonated at Kitchener City Hall on a condensed yet intense Sunday, the 19th of February 2023, from 12-4 pm.

From the depths of our hearts, we extend a heartfelt thank you, to our volunteers, team, board, partners, donors, supporters, and community. Together, we painted a vibrant picture of a community united, passionate, and resolute in our shared vision for a brighter future!


In a splendid showcase of culture, education, music, and dance, we welcomed everyone to join us for an extraordinary week-long event that unfolded from February 19th to 21st, culminating on Family Day. The vibrant festivities were broadcast live on our YouTube channel, capturing the essence of each day from 4:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. on February 19th and 20th, and from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. on February 21st, featuring a special Kids Family Day Session provided a captivating journey into the vibrant moments that made this experience truly special.


In 2021 we hosted our first fully virtual event. The event has passed but you can still catch the live stream on youtube if you missed it (or loved it!)

Watch the second day here!


Read the Kitchener City News recap of our 2020 festival


Bring on the Sunshine is hosting its first in-person event since Covid and invites you to participate in a gathering whose theme is “Rest is Resistance.”