Announcing BOTS Co-Executive Director! 

Temi, a first-generation Canadian of Yoruba, Nigerian descent, brings a professional, passionate, and vibrant personality to her role as Co-Executive Director at Bring on the Sunshine. 

With a diverse professional background in social work, teaching, entrepreneurship, and business development, combined with a deep passion for the arts, Temi is enthusiastic about community development, youth empowerment, and the celebration of African culture. 

Driven by her vision to bridge the gap between Africa and North America, Temi is determined to promote cultural exchange, awareness, and competence while dismantling misconceptions and fostering Afro-optimism and African pride. Her journey is guided by her unwavering commitment to connection, empowerment, and advocacy, thus positively impacting individuals and communities alike. 

As an ardent advocate for creative expression and community engagement, Temi firmly believes in the transformative power of arts, education programs, and social events. 

Temi enjoys traveling, meeting new people, and exploring diverse cultures and cuisines. Her infectious enthusiasm for life fuels her pursuit of a more inclusive and empowered society, spreading sunshine wherever she goes. 

Remembering the Yoruba proverb, “Ẹyẹ ò lè fi apá kan fò” (Birds cannot fly with one wing), Temi recognizes the importance of collaboration and collective effort. As Co-Executive Director, she is excited to collaborate with the dynamic team of excellence at Bring on the Sunshine, united by their shared passion and commitment. 

“Together, we will create magical spaces for individuals to freely express, explore, and celebrate their African identities and heritage.” – Temi Osunbunmi”