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Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu – (A person is a person because of other people)

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Africa Camp

Origins of Africa Camp

The camp’s inception traces back over a decade when BOTS collaborated with the African Canadian Association of Waterloo and Region (ACAWRA) and the University of Waterloo African Students Association (UWASA). United in purpose, we envisioned creating a space where children of African descent and beyond could take pride in, embrace and learn about their rich, and diverse heritage.

Africa Camp has flourished into a tradition of nurturing creativity, confidence, and cultural identity in children. Our camps are a mosaic of music, artistic expression, dance, storytelling,  mentorship, positive role modeling, engaging crafts, and joyous celebrations.

Why Africa Camp ?

Since 2010, Africa Camp has evolved into a dynamic week-long day camp, witnessing a remarkable surge in participation from 12 campers to over 60. Complementing this growth is the Young Leaders Program, providing essential training and support to youth engaged in various camps across the region.

Grow Roots, Spread Wings: The ethos of Africa Camp is encapsulated in the belief that one must “grow roots before you can grow wings.” This philosophy underscores the importance of instilling a strong cultural foundation, empowering participants to confidently navigate the wider world. Every aspect of Africa Camp is meticulously designed to create an environment where cultural pride and identity take center stage.

We are committed to nurturing youth leaders, and ensuring that every camper finds reflections of themselves in Camp Directors, youth leaders, and esteemed guests. This unique approach acknowledges that to soar, one must first establish firm roots. 

About Africa Camp

Youth Away Day 2021 (Ages 13-18 Years)

Planning for teen camp/ youth away day is well underway. In line with our education programs theme “Black History is African History is World History” we want to care for our mental health and connect with the land. Youth Away Day is open to youth ages 13-18.

The youth will get time to reconnect with each other while exploring how to grow plants and enjoy the outdoors. Our time together will be full of activities such as a mural art project, archery (hunting), fishing, African dance, music & wisdom circle, and much more. 

Numbers will be limited as we are diligent in staying in line with COVID protocols. We will send out a COVID pre-screen the day before camp and teens will be split into groups and assigned a camp leader for the day.  


Africa Camp offers an immersive experience where children journey into the wonders of Africa and its diverse cultures. Guided by individuals with firsthand knowledge of both worlds.

Dance, music, storytelling, and creative activities serve as powerful tools for self-expression and communication. Through these avenues, children not only learn about Africa but also develop their own creativity, enabling them to entertain, communicate, and connect with others. The program focuses on building Interpersonal and Social Competencies, providing children with essential life skills.

 Emphasizing Positive Values such as Integrity, Equality, and Social Justice, the camp nurtures character development, instilling values that shape responsible global citizens.

The camp incorporates the core value of “Growing up Global,” encouraging children and youth to embrace a broader worldview. By fostering a sense of responsibility and awareness, Africa Camp inspires participants to contribute positively to global society.

Africa Camp Experience (Ages 6-12)

Africa Camp welcomes children aged 6-12 to immerse themselves in an array of exciting, Africa-themed activities. From art and drumming to dancing, soccer, story time, and more, every moment is crafted to spark curiosity and creativity. For those aged 13 and above, who have previously graced Africa Camp as participants, an invitation awaits to become camp leaders.

Leadership Development

Today, we are delighted to see individuals who once embarked on this journey as campers now stepping into leadership roles, navigating the challenges that come with such responsibilities. Africa Camp has become a transformative space, nurturing personal growth and leadership skills in our youth.

Join us in shaping lasting memories, fostering cultural pride, and cultivating the leaders of tomorrow at Africa Camp by Bring on the Sunshine.

Join the Legacy

The Young Leaders Program serves as a catalyst for the growth and development of these emerging leaders.

Embark on a journey where growth, empowerment, and cultural celebration intertwine. Africa Camp invites you to be part of a legacy that not only shapes the present but also nurtures leaders who will shape the future. As we continue to soar, let’s remember—the journey begins with strong roots! To find out more, contact us at for more information

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