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Black history is African history is World history.

Bring on The Sunshine is an organization that promotes Black Heritage and Black History through an authentic and accurate African lens. Originally founded by Zimbabwean newcomers, our organization has been local to, and active in the Waterloo Region community schools for over 8 years. We offer a great lineup of activities, lessons, and games and our presenters are animated, genuine, and passionate about children’s learning. We aim to promote healthy and positive conversations about diversity within the context of each school.

Activities and Learning at your school

We’re always excited to bring the sunshine into classrooms all around us, and have been active in our community schools for over 8 years. We have a great line up of activities, lessons and games to make your classroom shine. and our presenters are animated, authentic and passionate about kids and learning. We will be share activities focused on “Telling our Diverse Stories.” We use art, music, words and dance to learn about each other and use the language of stories to build and uplift our broader community.


Anti-racism activity, inclusion

Worldview/relationship with land and others

Celebration of culture through stories and music

Cultural differences and communications


Cultural experience, art exposure, world history, appreciation of diversity and cross cultural communication education through fun and 100% positive messaging.

Delivery options:

  • 1 session kindergarten & Large groups
  • 2 part lessons Grade 1-8
  • 3 part lessons for High School & Adults

Please email us at for a classroom and curriculum outline.
The workshop instructors were able to deliver a very dynamic and unique presentation to addressing cultural differences, racial issues and encouraged the students to see diversity in a new way.
DJ Carroll
DJ CarrollTeacher at E.D.S.S.
Bring On the Sunshine is an authentically African organization in the Waterloo Region, which offers wonderful opportunities for every student to become familiar with African culture, art, music, and stories. The workshop promotes a positive and accurate historical perspective of Black History that actually starts at the African continent. Their work is invaluable for every school in our region that is truly committed to implementing anti-racism strategies.
Carolina Miranda, OCT, M. Ed.
Carolina Miranda, OCT, M. Ed.Teacher

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