Collaborative Dismantling Seminar

Are you a Corporate or HR professional trying to be on the right side of history in 2021?
Created an Equity Committee?
Started a book club?
Signed up for your anti-racism training?

You’ve read the stats on how diversity in the workforce can improve more than just the bottom line. You are making the hires, doing the courses…is it enough?

Being Anti-racist is not a check mark on a list…its a change of heart, unlearning and relearning what it is to be human in the world together.

There is no Black history without African history. In fact there’s no world history without African history. Black history is just HISTORY. This is not a story for just February, but for all of us, all the time, anytime. 

Slavery is not the beginning of the story

Unlearn your own conditioning through practical open workshops and conversation with authentic and genuine storytellers who speak from experience – and the heart. Our experts guide you through what is the start of your personal introspection which is the true catalyst for change.

Our seminars offer culturally based learning that aims to build awareness, connection and a community based on mutual learning and respect – bridging the gap.

Bring on the Sunshine Seminars - Let us build transformation together

Program: Our team will visit your location in person or via zoom and offer an interactive two part series of approx 40 mins each.

Part One: Truth telling and history – the story of how we are more connected than we think.

Part Two: Facilitate a dialogue between participants – a brave space to ask questions and have open conversations about anti-racism and what you can do


Anti-racism activity, inclusion

Understanding the sweep of culture and history

Understand worldviews/ and an African Indigenous relationship with land and others

Explore cultural differences and communications styles

Our values are:

Ubuntu* | Collaboration | Culture | Storytelling | Listening | Excellence | Respect

*We cannot exist in our humanity alone. We need each other to be fully human.

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