Project: National Database Canada

The What?

BOTS  initiated this community effort in 2020 to build connection across the African community. 

This project will:

  • Connect African groups or organizations and create a network or Coalition across Canada.
  • Identify issues common to the African community that could be better tackled together.
  • Encourage collaboration and communication between groups

“Ubuntu” is an African way of living our humanity in community together. We believe this is a unique contribution we as Africans bring to the world.

The Who?

Ayo Owodunni

Project Manager

Wemimo Onikan

Project Manager

The Why?

Unity is strength, division is weakness.

Swahili Proverb

We strongly believe that we as Africans have a unique contribution to make here in Canada. In the past, our voice has not been unified and we have not been able to successfully and consistently leverage our numbers and our strengths to support our elders, our youth and those who are struggling. We know we can do better. The main activities of this project are:
  1. Help identify and organize all active African Associations, community, country and regional groups  across Canada.
  2. Help groups connect with one another, leading to exchange of ideas, successes and challenges,  networking and celebrations.
  3. Initiate a national conversation around issues of common interest to African communities in Canada, and find a way to speak with one voice on issues that matter most to us.
  4. Engage a team of community leaders who will direct and manage the growth of this project.
  5. After the database has been collected, an email will be sent to everyone on the list indicating it has been done.  At this point, selective conversations will happen at regional levels (with your input) to start discussing next steps.

There is so much we can accomplish together.  We are not here to start something new.  We are here to bring people working hard together to create a unified front to support our community’s success.

Data Privacy Summary:

  • Your data will be safely stored in a Bring on the Sunshine database only accessed by the executive team.
  • We are not using your information for any profit.
  • We will not be sharing your information with anyone, without your consent.
  • The reason we are collecting your information is to:
    • Help identify and appropriately organize all active African Associations across Canada.
    • Help groups of similar nationalities & interests connect with one another, leading to exchange of ideas, networking and celebrations.
    • Eventually start a national conversation around issues of common interest to our communities.

If you no longer wish to receive updates or information about this project, please let us know.  If you have any concerns about your privacy you wish to discuss, please contact us at